Need for Innovation in Africa as Mobile Subscriptions Soon to Hit 1Billion

New technologies and low-cost Smartphones are allowing an increasing number of Africans, from business leaders to schoolchildren, to access the latest mobile services, as well as the opportunities they create. This, coupled with the continent’s own innovative products ̶ such as the extremely successful mobile money platform Mpesa ̶ is currently pushing the number of mobile subscriptions to 1 billion.


However, OTT services, the increase in data consumption and the Internet of Things have been eroding the African operators’ traditional voice revenue. As a result, the operators will need to harness these factors in order to create new revenue streams. This could involve forming partnerships with OTT operators ̶ an initiative that some operators have already taken ̶ modernizing the networks and creating new, innovative services.


Furthermore, given Mpesa’s popularity as a mobile money platform, it may be wise on the part of the operators to protect this asset and the revenue it generates, by implementing a solution like GVG’s Mobile Money Monitoring (M3) system, which allows for the thorough supervision of mobile money transactions in a given country.


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