High-tech solutions as a weapon against counterfeit Smartphones

According to a recent study by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the counterfeiting of Smartphones has had serious economic repercussions, causing a €45.3 billion loss worldwide in 2015. However, the impact of counterfeiting can also be felt at health and safety, environmental, quality of service, network security and privacy levels. It is all the more severe in Africa, where Smartphones represent a major source of social and economic opportunities.


Help is at hand in the form of advanced IT-based device detection and control solutions, one of which ̶ the Central Equipment Identity Management System (CEIMS) ̶ has been developed by Global Voice Group (GVG). This type of solution is based on the implementation of an IMEI database that makes it possible to blacklist stolen and counterfeit Smartphones and to stop them from connecting to the local networks. In Tanzania, the CEIMS has already helped block 1.82 million counterfeit IMEI numbers since early 2016.


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