Mobile Money Monitoring System (M3)


Mobile Money services present numerous advantages: financial inclusion, secure transactions, socio-economic development, additional revenue for the State and job creation. However, the absence of strict, adequate regulation poses a serious threat to both the economy and the security of the nation. These risks are not limited to fraud, and extend to identity theft, money laundering and the illicit financing of terrorist activities.

M3 is a cutting-edge solution for monitoring mobile money consisting of a data acquisition and processing system for the monitoring of all mobile money transactions in a given country. The system also allows the authorities to monitor the evolution of the mobile money market closely and compliance with the laws and regulations of the country.


Benefits and Characteristics:

  • Complete overview of mobile money transfer transactions at all levels
  • Complete overview of mobile money cash in/ cash out transactions at all levels
  • Report-generation and statistics on the Mobile Money market in the country


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